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The Fourth Shadow

His first foray into the world of novels. Posted in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA in 2019


Carlos Otaolea is a prestigious composer with a very orderly and peaceful life. The peace of his world will be truncated by the fatal development of events, seeing his life changed by an unavoidable choice. He will be involved in events that will implicate him, having to fight to save his own life in a race against time and with the peculiarity of not knowing the rules of the game, in which he is a decisive player. He will start a path through which he will discover the most unheard of secrets, showing before him a truth that had remained hidden. The unexpected encounter with the Fourth Shadow will reveal the most hidden ins and outs of his own family and the existence of a secret society that is on his heels. 

A strange contraption whose history dates back to the time of the pharaohs and to which the peculiarity of resurrecting a dead body is attributed, awakens the greed of different secret organizations.

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