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Personal Information.

He was born in Barcelona in 1967.

From a young age he was attracted to writing, starting with the creation of short stories. He defines himself as a freelance writer. In 1986, in Barcelona, ​​he debuted as a writer with his first work: Andalucía (Amazon 2019) - an inner journey to explore his Andalusian roots. In 1990, in Barcelona, ​​he finished his second work: Poeta Muerto en Nueva York (Bubok 2012) - a clear tribute to his favorite author, Federico García Lorca. In 1993, in Geneva, Switzerland, he finished his third work: Eros (Amazon 2019) - dedicated to feelings and love. In 1996, in Geneva, Switzerland, he finished his fourth work: The Color of Roses (Amazon 2019) - as in the previous one, romanticism predominates in it. In 1999, in Gelida, Barcelona, ​​he completed his fifth work: Palabras al viento (Amazon 2019) - written in various languages.

His work: Bajo el Signo del Centauro (Bubok 2012) is a compilation of his five books. After publishing it, he decided to focus on novels.

In 2019, in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States, he published his first novel: La Cuarta Sombra (Bubok 2019). Later, he published the Fourth Shadow Second Edition (Amazon 2020).



He considers himself an amateur of Heraldry, Genealogy and Onomastics.





Civil status:



Place of residence:

Greensboro, North Carolina. U.S.




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